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Hi I’m Megan, a thirty-something year old wife and a Mama of two from Cambridge, UK. After leaving university with my Graphic Design degree I worked for a while in different design studios, print houses and even dabbled in freelance work before settling in a Graphic Design and Marketing Coordinator role. 

My little tribe means the world to me and I absolutely love being a Mum! However doesn’t mean finding time for me isn’t high on my list off priorities. With all the chaos that comes with life it is easy to become run down and not make time for yourself. 

Becoming a parent brings many challenges, no one (despite what they might like you to think) has life completely worked out! Many of us find when having children their confidence and self-esteem takes a bit of a blow. Am I doing this right? Will my body ever go back to the way it was? Can I actually still hold adult conversation? For me it’s been so important to find the balance and remember who I am – not to loose me. There is no quick fix in re-building confidence after children and I’m most definitely not saying I have it right! ‘Child-free’ moments certainly help me, this is what this blog is about for me. I’m claiming to be an expert by any means, but just sharing with you what I have found works for me. My little corner of the internet where I can share the things I love.

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a love of fashion and beauty – I’m a proper girly girl and love experimenting. I tend to get a lot of questions when I’m out and on my socials relating to my fashion and beauty choices, so I decided after the birth of my second child, that it was time to get back in to what I would have spent my time doing BC (before children). 

If it’s not your thing – no problem!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you follow along!