Product Review: Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

Holiday glow is a funny one isn’t it. Some of us won’t leave the house without sun-kissed colour, while others steer clear of the ‘faux glow.’ For the most part we all want that just sun-kissed look, but getting a natural look without getting on a plane and heading somewhere hot can be hard.

Isle of Paradise launched themselves as a brand that could give you complete control over your colour (unlike most sunless tanners), you can customise how many drops to add for a personalised shade. They realised there is no one size fits all approach.

You can chose between the Isle of Paradise drops in light, medium or dark to create your desired shade of glow. You can even mix it up through out the year and go darker in the summer, it is literally is up to you! They very quickly sold out when it first launched – That surely must tell you something!


Simply add between 1 to 12 drops to your favourite moisturiser mix together, and apply to skin. For a lighter colour, use fewer drops, and for a darker colour, use more. They’re basically the easiest hack to glowing skin ever! It really is that easy – It’s pretty much fool proof!

Start with a few drops and build up you’ll soon release what works for you.

Last night I actually tried mixing in with my ‘The Ordinary’ Hyaluronic Acid as I didn’t feel like my skin needed a moisturiser at bedtime and today I have woken with the perfect glow.


Not only are these drops good for your glow, but they’re actually good for your skin too. You no longer need to choose between a sunless tanner and hydrated skin — the tanning drops use a variety of natural oils and combined with your lotion of choice you can’t go wrong! I sometimes have found in the past with other tanning products if I do not keep my skin nourished it can be so drying.

Did I mention they’re also 100% vegan, cruelty-free, have low pH levels meaning that they won’t upset the acidity levels in your skin (which can cause acne). Although his product can be used all over this is why this product is particularly good for the face. It is made using completely organic and hypoallergenic ingredients and without any toxins. Those of you who have such sensitive skin you’ve not been able to apply a fake tan before listen up, this one is for you!

Have you tried the Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops? What did you think? #ownourglow #glowgoals

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